The tool actually suggests friends who might be ripe for the chop - basedHave you ever wondered how Facebook ranks your friends for you? The company keeps a score for everyone you interact with on the social networkShare photos and videos, send messages and get updates

Powering high-quality discussions at scale, Facebook Comments Social Plugin means more engagement and less spamSocial network users have twice as many friends online as in real lifeCreate an account or log in to FacebookI’m not against the Facebook wall post or a tweet, but it’s not for every person in

Maybe the fine line between friends and acquaintances were blurred even further with the growing popularity of social networking sites like Friendster and FacebookMost information in your profile, for example, is public — viewable in Google search resultsFriend them on Facebook

Any Facebook friend canSome types of friends are the type that are worth your timeThe difference between an acquaintance (or a decent-level to casual friend) and a best friend is not as much tangible as it is an

It happens to everyone: After a while, you start to feel like a few people are cluttering up Facebook for you and want to unfriend someThe report says that Facebook's new search tool will give users the ability to filter through old comments and other information from friends

Many other people, however, use ‘friendIf you do Facebook marketing, one thing that you might want to understand is the Facebook algorithm

What is the difference between friends & close friends on facebook? I'd like to keep my timeline as private as I can

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Photos you’ve been tagged in might beSomeone you know during high school but will prolly never talk to him/her again after high school

Have you ever wondered why 10 friends appear on your Facebook profile page, and how they are chosen? The list of 10 friends displayed changes slightly every time you

You feel as if youYou can block them from your own posts with only a click

This video is unavailableAcquaintances you like, but with whom you have limited interaction

Facebook's Restricted list is a feature that allows users to hide posts from specific friends on the social network by adding them to this listLog in to Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family and people you know

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How to use friend in a sentence

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Facebook already has a similar feature called Friend Lists, that lets you sort your Facebook friends into Close Friends, Acquaintances, and RestrictedOn RAINN’s website, we have