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Questions on Werner Aluminium 3 Section Loft Ladder with Handrail. From Tom at 29/09/2014 23:27. In the specification I found information about maximum hatch depth which is 208 mm. My hatch depth is around 290 mm. Would I be able to install Werner aluminium 3 section loft lader? An attic ladder is a set of retractable steps, which once extended, will allow easy access to a loft space. They are installed into the floor space in front of the loft hatch and secured to the ceiling of the lower level, and are usually constructed from either timber or aluminium. Electric Loft Ladders . Electric Loft Ladders & Electric Stairways . Loft ladders are more than an afterthought. A loft provides a potential space, one that becomes wasted if it is not easily accessed. At S&T Joinery, we utilise our wealth of joinery experience to create elegant and unique ladders, manufactured to function with ease and precision.

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Youngman 313340 easiway loft ladder - 3 section - aluminium new from QVC accept £75 in b&q today £157 full instructions telescopic with pull Down. Youngman spacemaker loft ladder. Loft hatch is attached to unit to aid withdrawal from loft space. Full fitting instructions provided. Find out more about the Deluxe Loft Ladder from Youngman here. Loft Hatch Clearance: 100mm . 2.9m Telescopic Loft Ladder is ideal for small hatches with minimal storage space and is easy to install and operate. This ladder features automatic locking system, extra wide treads and rubber feet for safety and protection to flooring.

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Repeat step 10.2 for catch ‘B’ (black) and the middle ladder frame. 10.3 10.2 Locate the stowing hook/key (E3) over and at the centre of the REAR ladder section bottom rung and steadily pull the ladder outward and downward until both top stops reach and make contact with the hinge guides. 9.3 To extend the ladder, retract left-hand catch ... I have investigated inside the loft opening and have clearance on 3 sides but will need to install a piece of timber across where the ladder will go as there is already a short piece there (part of the roof support by the look of things but I am no expert) but not enough to fix the ladder to. We stock a fully comprehensive range of loft ladders. Full range available in one of our many UK branches and also available online.

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Loft Access Safely gain simple access to a loft space with high quality loft ladders. Jewson also supply access doors or hatches that are fitted in the ceiling.

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Flooring chipboard is ideal for use in lofts and attics, due to its quick and easy fitting. Easily cut to the required size, this flooring chipboard can also be secured with nails or screws that can be cleverly hidden within the frame. Professionals can also install your loft ladder quicker and without damaging your home. If you do decide to install loft ladders as a DIY project, then make sure follow the manufacturer’s instructions, not just for fitting, but also when taking the initial measurements to order the ladders.

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Electric Loft Ladder. Electric motorised loft ladders are the easiest way to access a loft space through a closable hatch entry. The electric motorised loft ladder makes loft access easy. There’s no more pull-down or push-up ladder activities to struggle with, instead all you have to do is push a button to open and close your loft access. We also added a new loft hatch which had a 100mm plug of polystyrene with a good airtight seal at the edges. We re-used the loft ladder that was already fitted, but had to add good electric lighting before work started. Electrical wiring for the lighting circuit must be laid over top of the insulation but under the boards. Our increasingly popular range of beautiful Scandinavian timber loft ladders features models to suit every budget. These folding wooden loft ladders are fast becoming the unit of choice over aluminium models which can be cold and noisy in use.

Loft Insulation. Loft Insulation is a very effective insulation measure that takes very little time to complete. Our installers will lay quilts of insulation between the joists in your loft, following which they will add another layer across the joists in the opposite direction. Apr 04, 2009 · Hi, i wouldn't lay your boards directly on to the rockwool, take the 2nd rock wool out and relay all insulation between joists, then fit a 35mm x 45mm batten to the top of the existing ceiling joists to take the loft boarding, make sure you pre drill the timber and use 2 1/2 inch, 8 screws. you don't need many screws into the battens, then lay the boards , t&g loft boards would be best for ... This range of Allufix compact concertina ladders manage to provide a stronger construction with deeper and wider treads, without losing any of the advantages of being fitted just about anywhere. These ladders are available for use in domestic locations where storage is restricted. Simple to install into a new or existing opening. We stock a fully comprehensive range of loft ladders. Full range available in one of our many UK branches and also available online. A standard loft ladder installation will normally be carried out within 90 minutes of arrival at your home. For larger projects such as new loft openings, loft flooring, loft boarding or roof window installation, a start and finish time will be agreed with you before commencement.

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The sturdy and practical 76003 3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder is a perfect loft-access solution, extending from three overlapping sections that can be affixed to the inside of the loft to be lowered down when access is needed. D. (1) Pre-Assembled Ladder E. (2) Ladder Brackets F. (1) Long X-Brace (for loft only) G. (2) Short X-Braces (for loft only) B C D F G H J T O P R K E L N Q S Component Parts L-Brackets Opposite View Rivets for Guard Rail Bracket Rivets for X-Brace FRONT L-Bracket for Bed Rail BACK L-Bracket for Bed Rail LOFT L-Brackets for Bed Rails BACK ... How to Fit a Roof Window – Fitting Velux Windows or Loft Windows and Skylights. How to fit a roof window, Velux window and skylight. How to fit Skylight Windows including Velux windows and other Roof Windows. This DIY installation guide, with pictures and instructions, shows you how to install the roof windows of your choice from inside or ... Many thanks for the kind words about our loft ladder installation. we believe for gaining easy and convenient access to the loft, the Easiway loft ladder is one of the best loft ladders on the market. A great choice! Many thanks for your loft ladder review.

Oct 10, 2016 · Factors affecting loft ladder installation prices. When considering loft ladder installations always ensure the quotes you receive include loft ladders. Any professional contractor will pay you a visit to see and measure up the work that needs doing, as well as explaining the various options available. Mar 01, 2019 · Loft ladder installation cost. The cost of loft ladder installation ranges from £175 – £300 and if you want a larger hatch you will need to add around £250 to the quote. Loft ladder prices also depend on the model. Most varieties are made of aluminium although the heavy-duty steps are manufactured of steel. We supply & fit 2 section & 3 section aluminium loft ladders which provide you with safe and easy access to your loft. Our team of experienced and highly skilled loft ladder fitters & installers aim to delight each and every customer with the quality of workmanship and our highly competitive loft ladder prices. (Loft & Bunk: 69Ó King, 53Ó Queen, 47Ó Full, 32Ó Twin) D. (1) Pre-Assembled Ladder E. (2) Ladder Brackets F. (1) Long X-Brace (for loft only) G. (2) Short X-Braces (for loft only) B C D F G H J T O P R K E L N Q S Component Parts L-Brackets Opposite View Rivets for Guard Rail Bracket Rivets for X-Brace FRONT L-Bracket for Bed Rail BACK LOFT ...

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The Hideaway three section aluminium sliding loft ladder is a versatile and light weight product suited to domestic applications. Its use of an ‘Easy Stow’ system allows for smooth and safe deployment of the ladder. Insulating a shed can be very inexpensive and very effective at the same time. Just a small initial outlay can save hundreds of pounds in additional heating bills as well as hundreds of pounds connecting your mains electric supply to a distant outbuilding. Oct 10, 2014 · I've been looking at installing some loft ladders as I'm fed up of having to get the step ladders out the shed carry them through the house and upstairs bashing the walls etc. I've come for a little advice as all the measurements etc are a little daunting as I've never even looked at buying/fitting ... Need More Storage Space? Why Not Install a Loft Ladder & Use Your Loft!Our aim is to provide customers with extra loft storage space at an affordable price. We offer Loft Boarding, Loft Flooring, Loft Lighting, Loft Ladders and Loft Hatches to transform that wasted space into valuable extra storage space. Most loft ladders on the market only come with one handrail so this one is deemed to be one of the safest to climb loft ladders about. This budget loft ladder is surely a winner among other loft ladders in its market thanks to the two handrails it comes with and the “D” Shaped rungs to make climbing even safer.

We had the Loft Ladder company install a ladder and door for our loft. Lee visited to check our loft and informed us of the options available. He removed the old dangerous ladder and we now have easy access. We were please with the work and they even hoovered the stairs and landing afterwards. We would recommended Lee from the loft ladder company. Easy Installation Hold bracket over ladder rung mark 4 holes (or use vise grip to hold bracket in place) Then drill ¼ holes. Secure Xtenda-Leg with bolt, washers and lock nut . Available at quality retail stores or on line. Attic ladder kits are made to fit between existing framing in the ceiling (that is, the floor of the attic). Where possible, choose a size and location for your attic ladder that allows it to fit between existing ceiling joists or trusses. In some cases, the ladder may fit into an existing attic access hatch.